Laser Surgery

We provide many surgical services with laser surgery at our hospital including routine spay, neuters, and soft-tissue surgeries. Common orthopedic surgeries can be done at our hospital by a board certified veterinary surgeon.

Here is Dr. Cheri Smith performing surgery using our CO2 surgical laser.

Here is Dr. Cheri Smith performing surgery using our CO2 surgical laser.

The Benefits of Laser Surgery

  • Minimized Bleeding: As it cuts, the laser beam seals small blood vessels
    • Better visualization of the surgical site allows the veterinarian to;
    • Cut more precisely
    • Some procedures do not require sutures
    • Shorten procedure time therefore reducing the risks of anesthesia
    • Better esthetic result
  • Less Pain: The CO2 laser beam seals nerve endings and lymphatics, resulting in less post-operative swelling and pain. The patient experiences a far more comfortable post-operative recovery
  • Reduced risk of infection- It efficiently destroys bacteria in its path (sanitizing effect).
    • CO2 laser surgery is performed in a non-contact mode – the laser tip does not touch the target tissue during surgery, which minimizes risk of infection even more
  • Faster recovery time: Reduced risk of infection, less bleeding, pain and swelling, less time under anesthesia
    • Often allows the patient a speedy recovery after the surgery and pets walk, eat, drink, or play much sooner than after conventional scalpel surgery.
  • Advanced accessories mean better results
    • Flexible fiber waveguide,
    • Lightweight ergonomic hand-pieces, the freedom of movement and no arm/hand fatigue for the veterinarian during operation also ensures more precise and efficient surgery and better clinical outcome

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