In-House Laboratory

Timely, Accurate Diagnostics

At Whippany Veterinary Hospital, we understand the importance of fast, reliable diagnostics. 

Our onsite lab allows us to:

  • Deliver test results in minutes rather than days
  • Closely monitor diagnostics and immediately repeat if needed  
  • Modify medications based on lab work during the same visit
  • Provide greater convenience without referrals to outside labs

Our in-house equipment can also perform:

  • Blood cell counts, chemistry, electrolyte panels
  • Urinalysis 
  • Fecal exams
  • Blood smears and bone marrow evaluation
  • Cytology and histopathology
  • Microscopy and culture
  • Blood coagulation tests

With real-time lab work, we can gain valuable insight into your pet’s health status and adjust care plans accordingly – all under one roof. Trust our dedicated onsite lab for timely, accurate diagnostics.