End Of Life Care

Honoring Your Pet’s Remarkable Journey

Saying goodbye to your cherished companion is incredibly hard. At Whippany Veterinary Hospital, it is our privilege to guide you through this journey with compassion, respect and caring.  

When your pet’s quality of life declines, we will have honest, gentle discussions about their prognosis, treatment options, and your wishes. We will help determine if and when euthanasia may be the most merciful choice. When that difficult time comes, we want it to be as peaceful as possible. We will set up a private room with soft lighting and the chance to share final snuggles and goodbyes. You can stay with your pet through their passing if you choose.

We view euthanasia as the final act of love we can offer your faithful companion. We will take care to ensure it is gentle, stress-free and dignified. You will have our deepest sympathy and support.

We also offer keepsake items like clay paw prints along with referrals for burial or cremation services. Take comfort knowing your pet rests easily and their spirit lives on in your heart. Please call us anytime to discuss how we can be there for you and honor your pet’s remarkable journey.