Senior Wellness

Caring for Your Lifelong Companion

As your pet reaches their golden years, extra care and attention can go a long way in supporting their health and happiness. Our veterinarians at Whippany Veterinary Hospital are here to be your partner in nurturing your senior pet.

We take a proactive approach to identify age-related changes early and implement customized care to meet your pet’s evolving needs:

  • More frequent wellness exams to closely monitor health
  • Diagnostic screening tests to check organ function and watch for conditions
  • Pain assessment and innovative management for comfort
  • Joint supplements, anti-inflammatories, and therapy for mobility  
  • Diet adjustment for optimal nutrition and weight 
  • Behavioral enrichment and modifications for cognitive health
  • Increased supervision and assistance for safety/quality of life 

We treat every senior pet with the compassion and dignity they deserve. Call us today at 973-386-1380 to discuss how we can support your faithful companion as they transition into their older years. Their health and wellbeing will always be our priority.